Sports injuries can take a toll on your body, and if you return to playing the sports you love without waiting to heal, you can do your body more harm than good. As your Top Rated Local® physical therapy clinic, FYZICAL® can help you find relief if you need help with sports rehabilitation after an injury. Our Severn location offers all the latest in sports physical therapy, including the Alter G, ice and compression units, and dry needling. Receive the dedicated sports rehabilitation that you deserve and get back to doing the activities that you love. Contact us today to learn more!


At FYZICAL® our AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill allows you to rehabilitate your lower extremities in a unique way. Using differential air pressure technology, the AlterG creates an anti-gravity chamber around the bottom of the treadmill. This chamber allows you to counteract gravitational forces, giving you the freedom to adjust your body weight to be anywhere from 100 percent to only 20 percent. Because of this unique feature, the physical therapists at FYZICAL® can help you slowly rehabilitate your muscles after a sports injury.

Ice And Compression Units

It’s normal to feel some pain or have some swelling after an intense physical therapy session. At FYZICAL®, we have ice and compression units where you can ice your injuries to diminish swelling and post-therapy soreness. If you’re feeling pain in your neck or lower back, FYZICAL® also offers spinal decompression to help alleviate the pain.

Dry Needling

Do you suffer from persistent muscle spasms? At our Severn location, we offer dry needling, which will help relieve pain in addition to troublesome muscle spasms. Dry needling is mostly painless and is administered by our professional physical therapists at FYZICAL®.

As your Top Rated Local® physical therapy clinic, FYZICAL® can help you find relief after a sports injury. Learn more about the services we offer or visit our Severn location. We look forward to seeing you soon!